Hairstyling for Neptune Beach

At Paradise Grooming For Men, we know that with so many options and styles, it can be overwhelming to choose a new hairstyle. Trends move quickly, that is why it is usually best to settle on a hairstyle that is timeless, relatively low-maintenance, stylish and chic. At Paradise Grooming For Men, we consider ourselves experts on the topic of hairstyles. We are proud to be Neptune Beach’s number one source for quality hairstyles. Our licensed, experienced, and friendly hairstyle experts are here to work with you to find the ultimate hairstyle for your budget, needs and lifestyle. To make your life just a little bit easier, we outlined some tips to help lead you in the right direction when choosing a new look. Read below before meeting with your hairstylist for your consultation so that you have a good idea about the direction you want to go in!

Find the Best Hairstyle for Your Hair Texture

Our Neptune Beach salon experts say that a great way to determine if a hairstyle will suit your lifestyle is to consider your hair texture. The texture of your hair can be a determining factor in deciding whether a hairstyle will work for you. Below we have stated some typical hair textures that we regularly see here at our Neptune Beach salon.

Straight and Fine

Thin hair usually has a silky, flat-laying texture that is generally easy to work with. This hair texture can be a challenge when it comes to curling, as it does not hold curls well due to its silky texture. At Paradise Grooming For Men, we always suggest that our clients with straight fine hair go with a side-swept, wispy look with lots of layers. This adds volume and dimension to fine hair which can tend to look flat and juvenile if cut long and blunt.

Thick and Curly

Hair that is coarse, thick and curly has natural bounce and volume. However, this can be challenging for short hairstyles. Our Neptune Beach experts always suggest that thick and curly hair be worn long. We also recommend some hair products which help tame frizz and flyaways and relax the hair follicle naturally.

Medium-Thick and Wavy

Medium-thick, wavy hair is very versatile and can support most hairstyles without causing too many problems. This is a plus, as our clients who have this hair texture can enjoy both long and short haircuts. With this type of texture, we usually recommend that our clients add layers for depth and dimension.

Speak With a Hairstylist Today

Therefore, as you can see, once you consider your hair texture, choosing a hairstyle is not as confusing since a lot of the factors are narrowed down to what will work with your hair. If you have any further questions regarding hairstyles, and the hair products and services that we offer at our salon, call us today. Our friendly team of professionals are eager to answer your questions and book your appointment to help you look your best!